OpenParty is designed to work with Linux, Mac, and even Windows distributions. However, the framework provides a http server, and we strongly suggest you to host OpenParty servers in Linux distributions (Debian 7 preferred).


The following instructions are designed to work for a Debian 7 installation.


The framework comes with several (small) prerequisites to work properly.

  • node.js
  • npm

You just have to pick-up these modules from package repositories. Binary files are available for windows.

Here are the steps for a quick installation on a bare Debian 7:

$ su root
# apt-get install -y curl git
# curl -sL | bash -
# apt-get install -y nodejs
# exit

Get OpenParty

You can use Git repository to get the latest version, or pick a stable release.

$ git clone
$ cd openparty
$ npm install
$ cp config/config_sample.js config/config.js

Updates and upgrades are easily resolved by git itself:

$ git pull


For global parameters, you just have to edit the config/config.js file to fit your needs.

At this point, you don’t have any gameplay definitions stored on the server. Go to the next section to discover how to install gameplays.


You’ll have to restart the OpenParty server to apply the modifications.