We welcome every contribution! Don’t hesitate to submit issues and pull requests, we’ll analyze each problem and patch.

General rules

  • Check if anyone has the same problem as you in the issues before posting a new one
  • Write your code in english with 2-spaces indentation
  • Test your patch before submit it (and not only with automated tests)
  • Open one pull request per patch (to avoid mixed patchs)
  • Try to rebase your commits into a single commit. We’ll do it for you, but you would help us a lot :)
  • Each patch sould come with its own test cases. The coverage target is 100% !

How to contribute ?

You can do several things to help OpenParty, from minor fixes to major features. Here are some assignments you can execute to train yourself.

  1. Fork the repository and build it on your computer.
  2. Resolve CodeClimate issues, and open a pull request. It’s often small fixes like missing semicolons or undefined variables.
  3. Resolve “minor” issues on GitHub
  4. Add missing test cases, and update documentation if needed
  5. Ask for “major” work before starting anything that might break everything ;)

We also need translations of the framework. You can check this issue for more information.

Oh, you are also invited to build gameplay definitions; see next chapter!